The X-Stool has an elegant, timeless aesthetic and is made from 100% recyclable materials, namely Brich faced plywood and linoleum.
The Forbo seat surface is available in a variety of colours on request.

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Our seating is split into two types, namely the X-Stool and the X-Bench
The X-Stool is made from CNC cut Birch plywood and has a Forbo linoleum top.
The legs are tapered and the seat disc is bevelled to give a timeless and elegant aesthetic. Despite it’s light weight and elegant design, the stool is very sturdy and robust.

As with all X-PLY products, the seat is plastics free and made from 100% recyclable material. The Forbo seat top is available in a wide range of colours on request.
The X-Bench takes it’s design language directly from the X-Desk, featuring the aluminium knuckle which binds the legs and top together.
The materials are Birch ply and aluminium which features a tough water based lacquer that maintains a natural pale look.
The construction is rock solid and buit to last.


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