2400 Team Desk

The X-PLY™ 2400 Team Bench is perfectly suited to four people working on one large table. Birch faced plywood construction with fixing points to attach accessories, screens and magnetic pylons.

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The X-PLY™ Team Desk is designed to give maximum working area from the minimum amount of plywood sheet.  This is in line with our ethos of lean production and minimal material waste.

The desks are held together with our unique aluminium knuckle which binds the design together with eight allen key fixings in a matter if minutes.  The desks are made entirely from FSC certified Birch faced plywood and aluminium knuckles.  Our X-Legs structure is super-strong and the lateral forces are counteracted with our structural plywood beam which also acts as a cable tray. The Team Desks are rock solid.  There are also a series of fixing points dotted around the desk which allows accessories and our magnetic pylons to be added to the desk.  In line with our sustainable ethos, the Team Desk is plastics-free and our plywood is FSC certified.


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