Introducing the X-PLY Desking range

Our desks come in two styles, the X-desk and the team desk. All are modular and are designed to accept our screening options to break down the space to suit your needs. The 2400 team desks are impressive collaboration tables or great for a 4-man team, with its natural feel it’s a great space to work from and can be split up into workstations as you need. All our products including our desks are sealed with a water-based lacquer, this provides a seal to prevent from tea, coffee…. wine or anything that you can throw at it whilst keeping the natural look of the ply with a soft to the touch finish. The X-desks are great for individual workplaces or to modulate your office environment. The clean lines of the legs make it a very satisfying place to work, we have had great feedback from our customers who love their desks! This is also a great option for home office spaces if you are looking for a stylish desk that won’t cost the earth. Did we mention all our Desks are plastics free and environmentally friendly all able to be fully recycled.

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