X-PLY furniture is 100% recyclable and plastics-free

The origins of X-PLY

X-PLY furniture is 100% recyclable and plastics – free

Unique aluminium ‘Knuckle’ holds the plywood design together – can be assembled in minutes with only an allen key

Hyper efficient with material usage – all offcuts used to create our PLY-POTS.com. Beautiful plant pots made from Plywood offcuts

Swedish aesthetic with a twist of utility

Designer John Tomalin-Reeves and entrepreneur William Kinder are the duo behind the newly launched X-PLY sustainable furniture range. They have sensed a gap in the market for a ‘natural’ office furniture offer which gives specifiers a truly ethical plastics-free option.

The pair based in South Wales, collaborated on Kinder’s restaurant called Double Zero Pizza in Porthcawl which has been voted as the best in Wales. After the success of this collaboration, they decided to embark on the X-PLY venture. Tomalin-Reeves, who has recently designed the Aerodesk and the HALO Cooltouch BBQ focusses on the the product design and Kinder looks after the commercial aspect of the X-PLY business. The venture has been self-financed by the pair.

“We wanted to be the first to provide a furniture range that is androgynous in as far as it doesn’t feel out of place in both the residential and commercial environment.  We have noticed a trend toward office furniture becoming more residential and less staid and commercial, with X-PLY fulfilling this role perfectly”

The X-PLY range is made entirely from 100% recyclable material, namely plywood, aluminium and steel, doing away with any plastic in it’s construction.

“We have taken a willfully lo-tech approach with the design and we have pared it back to be as plain and functional as possible. We have made full use of the CNC cut sheet material with absolutely minimal wastage and any spare material on the sheet is used to create our plywood plant pots”.

The furniture is held together with a unique aluminium knuckle which not only cleverly binds the furniture together, but provides a series of fixing points from which accessories and storage can be added.  It is a very structurally intriguing design, this was evident at the X-PLY launch at Grand Design Live and CDW in May as it attracted a tremendous amount of attention from Architects and Designers alike with it’s unique blend of plain aesthetic, with a functional utilitarian twist.

The X-PLY has attracted immediate sales and some prestigious fit-outs are in the pipeline.  We are delighted with the initial interest, going over and beyond our expectations. We are looking forward to a very exciting future with further expansion to our product range.

Plastic Free Policy

97% of plastics do not get recycled and end up in landfill and our oceans. Polluting and destroying our ecosystem.

At X-PLY we are committed to reducing the amount of plastic, to that end we eliminate all plastic from all of our products. No fittings or fixings are single use, everything used to make our furniture is 100% recyclable.

Our products are built to last, constructed from solid plywood and milled aluminium means they can be re-located or refurbished significantly extending the life cycle of your products. Our water based lacquer protect our products and gives a natural pale finish that’s easy on the touch.

Meet the team behind X-PLY

John Tomalin-Reeves

Co-founder & Design Director

Will Kinder