A new slant on furniture

Based on our commitment to the environment and the
reduction of single use plastics, the X-PLY™ range has been
developed using only 100% recyclable material, namely
plywood, aluminium and steel, doing away with any plastic in
it’s construction.

X-PLY™ offers a willfully lo-tech approach to design and is
pared back to be as plain and functional as possible.
We make full use of any CNC cut sheet material with
absolutely minimal wastage and any spare material on the
sheet is used to create our plywood plant pots or is pelletised
to heat the factory.

X-PLY™ furniture is held together with a unique aluminium
knuckle which not only cleverly binds the components
together, but provides a series of fixing points from which
accessories and storage can be added.

It is a unique blend of plain aesthetic, with a functional
utilitarian twist.

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